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Carlee Russell Disappearance : Police investigationCarlee Russell Disappearance : Police investigation

Carlee Russell Disappearance : Police investigation

“Prior to her disappearance, Russell made a call to report a toddler on the interstate.”

Carlee Russell, the Alabama woman who reappeared at home after a two-day disappearance, had searched for Amber Alerts and the movie “Taken” on her phone before she went missing, according to Hoover Police Department Chief Nicholas Derzis in a statement to reporters on Wednesday.

Derzis revealed that Russell had also looked up information about bus tickets shortly before her disappearance. However, he refrained from disclosing other searches made on her phone out of respect for her privacy.

Carlee Russell Disappearance : Police investigation
Carlee Russell Disappearance : Police investigation

The movie “Taken,” released in 2008 and starring Liam Neeson, revolves around the abduction of a young woman and the efforts to rescue her from kidnappers. Derzis noted that it was highly unusual for Russell to search for both Amber Alerts and “Taken” right before her disappearance, suggesting that it raised concerns about her mindset at the time.

Russell told the police that she was taken by a male and a female after stopping to check on a toddler she had reported on the highway. According to her account, a man emerged from the trees and claimed to be checking on the child before grabbing her, causing her to scream.

Despite investigations and surveillance footage of the interstate, there was no apparent evidence of a man abducting Russell. The police have sent the footage to the FBI for further analysis.

Before her disappearance, Russell had called 911 to report a toddler walking along the highway. However, the police have been unable to find any evidence of a child walking on the roadside, and no additional calls regarding a missing toddler were received.

The case continues to be under investigation as authorities try to piece together the events leading up to and during Carlee Russell’s disappearance.

Carlee Russell Disappearance : Police investigation
Carlee Russell Disappearance : Police investigation

“We have been unable to verify most of Carlee’s initial statement provided to investigators, and at this time, there is no indication of any threat to public safety related to this specific case,” stated the police chief.

Emphasizing that the investigation remains ongoing, the police chief expressed the department’s desire to have further conversations with Carlee Russell.

Regarding the possibility of Russell facing charges, Derzis explained that it has not been discussed yet, as the police are still thoroughly examining all aspects of the investigation.

Derzis proceeded to highlight the extensive resources and collaboration from state, local, and federal authorities involved in the investigation. He expressed some frustration with the inability to find substantial evidence despite the substantial efforts.

When questioned about a toxicology report and the presence of drugs in Russell’s system, Derzis confirmed that there is no report available on that matter.

Concerning the presence of any mental illness in the case, Derzis stated that he was not aware of any indication suggesting such a condition.

This update comes amidst lingering questions surrounding the circumstances of Carlee Russell’s disappearance. Detectives are diligently investigating the events that transpired between her 911 call reporting a toddler on Interstate 459 in Alabama and her eventual return home on foot late Saturday.

Efforts to obtain a statement from Russell’s family have been made by ABC News.

Previously, the 25-year-old Russell had stopped her car to check on the toddler she reported after making the 911 call and subsequently contacted a family member to relay what she witnessed. However, the family member lost contact with Russell, leaving the line open.

Carlee Russell Disappearance : Police investigation
Carlee Russell Disappearance : Police investigation

Upon responding to Russell’s 911 call, officers found her vehicle and some belongings at the scene, but there was no sign of Russell or the reported child. Further details indicated that Russell had visited a Target store for snacks, but these items were not found with her belongings at the scene.

The police statement also mentioned that surveillance video showed Russell walking alone in her neighborhood before returning home on Saturday night.

Medics were dispatched to Russell’s residence after her return, responding to a call describing an “unresponsive but breathing” individual. However, upon arrival, they found Russell “conscious and speaking.” She was taken to a local hospital, treated, and subsequently released.

Responding to concerns about potential bias in missing persons cases involving women of color, Derzis assured that every crime, including this one, is investigated thoroughly and without prejudice.

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