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Frontotemporal dementia diagnosis given to Bruce WillisFrontotemporal dementia diagnosis given to Bruce Willis

Frontotemporal dementia diagnosis given to Bruce Willis

Publish – 18 aug , 2023

“Emma Heming Willis Opens Up About the Challenges of Caring for a Loved One with Frontotemporal Dementia Six Months After Bruce Willis’ Public Diagnosis

Emma Heming Willis is sharing her candid experiences as a caregiver for her husband, Bruce Willis, after his diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia was announced by the family six months ago.

In her role as caretaker for the 68-year-old action star, Emma Heming Willis reached out to fellow caregivers, urging them to contribute photos of themselves surrounded by the beauty of the world.

In a heartfelt video posted on Instagram, she expressed the importance of breaking away from the somber aspects of caregiving. She acknowledged the seeming contradiction between her outward appearance of enjoying life and the internal struggle with the emotional weight of the situation. She shared, “I’m asking care partners to send photos because I just think it’s so important for us to sort of break up our thinking. Which can feel, for me, very much like doom and gloom. So I know it looks like I’m out living my best life. I have to make a conscious effort, every single day, to live the best life that I can. I do that for myself, I do that for our two children and Bruce, who would not want me to live any other way.”

Emma Heming Willis and Bruce Willis were married in 2009 and are parents to two daughters: Mabel, 11, and Evelyn, 8. Bruce Willis also has three daughters from his previous marriage to Demi Moore: Rumer, 34, Scout, 32, and Tallulah, 29.

She emphasized that despite her outward appearance, she is not unaffected by the challenges she faces. She clarified, “I don’t want it to be misconstrued that like, ‘I’m good.’ Cause I’m not. I’m not good.” She acknowledged that her commitment to putting her best foot forward stems from her dedication to her own well-being and that of her family. She stated, “But I have to put my best foot forward for the sake of myself and my family because again, when we are not looking after ourselves, we cannot look after anyone that we love. This is a conscious effort. It does not come to me easily, but I am just doing the best that I can, always.”

Frontotemporal dementia diagnosis given to Bruce Willis
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Frontotemporal dementia diagnosis given to Bruce Willis

“Heming Willis Receives Overwhelming Support in the Comment Section After Sharing Heartfelt Message

The outpouring of support was immense in the comments section as Heming Willis posted her heartfelt message.

“It’s disheartening that you find yourself having to justify taking time for yourself once in a while,” expressed one individual. They acknowledged the challenging nature of her role, stating, “You have one of the toughest jobs on this planet. Make sure to find moments for yourself, for your role as a mother, and for any time that grounds and stabilizes you.”

Comparing the situation to the safety instructions on an airplane, another commenter shared, “When the airline oxygen masks drop, you’re instructed to secure your own mask before assisting others. You can’t be of help if you neglect your own well-being, especially when caring for a loved one.”

Heming Willis has maintained a transparent approach regarding the difficulties arising from Willis’ diagnosis, as evidenced by her previous post on the occasion of the former actor’s 68th birthday in March.

“In certain phases of life, we must gather our strength and face our challenges head-on. That’s precisely what I’m doing,” she shared. She acknowledged the daily presence of sorrow and grief, saying, “However, I also encounter moments of sadness and a sense of loss every day… and today, on his birthday, I’m feeling it even more intensely.”

The decision for Willis to step back from his acting career was made public in March 2022 following his diagnosis of aphasia.”

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