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“Hungarian Grand Prix extends F1 contract until 2032.”

"Hungarian Grand Prix extends F1 contract until 2032.""Hungarian Grand Prix extends F1 contract until 2032."Budapest, Hungary - July 22, 2023 Mercedes' George Russell during practice REUTERS/Marton Monus
"Hungarian Grand Prix extends F1 contract until 2032."
Publish - July 22, 2023

“Formula 1 Secures Hungarian Grand Prix until 2032, with Extension Deal Till 2027

Today, Formula 1 made a significant announcement, confirming the extension of the Hungarian Grand Prix until 2032. The existing deal has been prolonged by five more years, taking it through 2027. This decision firmly establishes the Hungaroring as a permanent fixture in the F1 calendar, guaranteeing its presence in the sport’s future.

Moreover, the extended agreement opens doors for substantial investments, particularly in the construction of a new pit building and main grandstand. Excitingly, the refurbishment plans are set to take shape in the coming years, promising a revamped and enhanced racing experience for both drivers and fans alike.”

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"Hungarian Grand Prix extends F1 contract until 2032."
“Hungarian Grand Prix extends F1 contract until 2032.” / credit – getty


The Hungarian Grand Prix Secures Spot on Formula One Calendar Until 2032

Formula One enthusiasts can rejoice as the Hungarian Grand Prix is set to enthrall fans until at least 2032. The exciting news came on Saturday when Formula One officially announced a five-year extension to the contract, solidifying the presence of this iconic race until 2027 and beyond.

This extension was sealed following the revelation of substantial refurbishments planned for the renowned Hungaroring circuit, which sits about 20km outside the captivating city of Budapest. As part of the renovation project, a state-of-the-art pit building and an impressive main grandstand will be constructed, elevating the racing experience for participants and spectators alike.

Since its inclusion in the world championship back in 1986, Hungary has been an integral part of the Formula One calendar. The circuit’s challenging layout and rich racing history have attracted top-tier drivers, with the illustrious Lewis Hamilton emerging as the dominant force, boasting an unprecedented record of eight victories at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The event’s popularity is soaring, drawing an ever-increasing number of passionate fans. This weekend’s race is expected to be attended by more than 300,000 spectators, a notable rise from the 290,000 attendees last year.

F1’s Chief Executive, Stefano Domenicali, expressed his delight at the commitment shown by the Hungarian promoter in enhancing the facilities and overall experience for fans. He emphasized that such dedication is a crucial step that F1 hopes to see replicated across all its events.

Zsolt Gyulay, the President of Hungaroring, disclosed that the circuit’s renovations are scheduled to be completed by 2026. Considering Formula One’s immense global popularity and the escalating interest from numerous venues to join the calendar, the signing of this extension marks an extraordinary achievement for all involved.

With the Hungaroring set to undergo impressive upgrades and host Formula One races for years to come, racing enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate an even more thrilling and captivating Hungarian Grand Prix in the future.




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