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McConnell has fallen multiple times this year

McConnell has fallen multiple times this yearMcConnell has fallen multiple times this year

McConnell has fallen multiple times this year

Publish – 27 ju;y, 2023

“Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell, who recently faced a concerning incident during a news conference on Wednesday and previously suffered a concussion from a fall earlier this year, has experienced two other falls in the past, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The first known fall occurred in February during a trip to Finland, where McConnell and a US delegation were meeting with the Finnish president in Helsinki. As he exited his car on a snowy day and proceeded towards his meeting with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, the GOP leader tripped and fell, as reported by three sources familiar with the incident. Although this event had not been previously reported, McConnell dusted himself off and carried on with the meeting.

Shortly after the incident in Finland, in March, McConnell fell at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Washington, slamming his head and suffering a concussion and broken ribs. This serious injury kept him away from his Senate duties for nearly six weeks until he could return.

More recently, this month at Reagan National Airport in Washington, McConnell had another mishap when getting off a plane, tripping and falling again, as confirmed by a source familiar with the situation. Despite the fall, he managed to return to the Capitol later that day. NBC had already reported on the airport fall earlier in the day.

Given his’s age of 81 and his history as a polio survivor, he has long walked with a slight limp and often uses an aide’s assistance to navigate stairs in the Capitol. His falls, on certain occasions, have resulted in significant injuries, such as in 2019 when he fractured his shoulder from a fall at his Louisville home.

Since the fall at the Waldorf Astoria earlier this year, his health has been under closer scrutiny. During the recent news conference on Wednesday, he momentarily froze while speaking to reporters, causing concern among GOP senators present. However, he eventually resumed the conference and addressed questions.

As of now, McConnell’s office has chosen not to comment on these incidents, and his health remains a topic of interest to many.”

McConnell has fallen multiple times this year
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McConnell has fallen multiple times this year


McConnell experienced a momentary lapse during his recent news conference, prompting speculation about his well-being. An aide mentioned that he felt light-headed, but McConnell assured reporters that he was fine when questioned about the incident.

Interestingly, this wasn’t the first time something unusual occurred during his weekly news conferences. Last June, he faced difficulty hearing questions from reporters, even though the senators sitting nearby had no trouble hearing them.

Having made history as the longest-serving Senate party leader this year, McConnell’s future plans remain a subject of interest. Although he is up for re-election in 2026, it’s unclear whether he will seek another term or pursue the GOP leadership position in the upcoming Congress, starting in 2025.

In the past, McConnell confirmed his commitment to complete his current term, which he has held since 1985, as he stated during an interview with CNN in October. He firmly asserted that he would honor the mandate given to him by the people of Kentucky.

However, in May, after suffering a concussion, McConnell declined to discuss his future plans regarding his seat or leadership aspirations. He redirected the focus to the 2024 Senate elections, emphasizing that it wasn’t the appropriate time for such questions.

Overall, McConnell’s recent incidents have raised curiosity about his health and political trajectory, leaving many observers eager to learn more about his next steps.“I thought this was not an interview about my future,” he said when asked at the time if he would serve out his term or run for leader again. “I thought it was an interview about the 2024 Senate elections.”

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