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Premier League Opener: Burnley 0-3 Manchester CityPremier League Opener: Burnley 0-3 Manchester City

Premier League Opener: Burnley 0-3 Manchester City

Publish – 12 aug , 2023

Erling Haaland Exhibits Mastery in Finishing as Manchester City Triumphs Against Burnley

Erling Haaland seamlessly slipped back into his signature prowess, delivering a mesmerizing showcase of finishing as Manchester City kickstarted their title defense in the Premier League with an authoritative victory over Burnley.

The prodigious goal-scorer, renowned for his remarkable tally of 52 goals during City’s triumphant conquest of the Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League last season, wasted no time in asserting his dominance for the new season. A mere 185 seconds into the match, he found the back of the net, capitalizing on a perfectly executed header from Rodri off Kevin de Bruyne’s impeccable cross. This initial blow proved insurmountable for the recently promoted Clarets, setting the tone for the remainder of the encounter.

Haaland’s influence continued to grow as the match progressed. In the 36th minute, he showcased his finesse with a breathtaking left-footed strike that nestled into the top corner of the net, leaving Burnley’s goalkeeper James Trafford helpless. This spectacular goal effectively sealed the fate of the match.

Despite Burnley’s spirited efforts, bolstered by an impassioned home crowd, Manchester City’s dominance remained resolute throughout the game. The third goal arrived in the 75th minute, with Rodri capitalizing on a defensive lapse from Burnley’s backline following a free-kick, further solidifying City’s grip on the match.

The encounter concluded with Manchester City basking in a comfortable victory. However, the night was slightly marred by an unfortunate injury to De Bruyne, who was forced to exit the field after just 23 minutes, making way for the summer signing Mateo Kovacic.

Burnley’s frustrations boiled over in injury time, culminating in Anass Zaroury receiving a red card following a VAR review for a dangerous challenge on Kyle Walker.

Premier League Opener: Burnley 0-3 Manchester City
[Action Images via Reuters/Jason Cairnduff]

Premier League Opener: Burnley 0-3 Manchester City

City Display Initial Rust Despite Opening Win; Guardiola’s Vigilance Evident

Even with a victorious start to their campaign, City exhibited the expected signs of early-season rust, a fact highlighted by the animated demeanor of their meticulous manager, Pep Guardiola.

As the first half came to a close, goal-scoring dynamo Haaland might have anticipated a congratulatory gesture from his manager. However, he was met with an unexpected turn of events. Guardiola’s demeanor shifted from celebratory to intense, as he engaged in a fervent lecture with the striker. Amidst this discourse, Guardiola even went so far as to request a cameraman to move away, ensuring their conversation remained private.

Guardiola’s expectations for Haaland were evident – a desire for even greater performance. Despite only having six touches in the first half, Haaland’s clinical efficiency shone through, resulting in two crucial goals. Although it might seem paradoxical to suggest Haaland’s peripheral presence, his goal-scoring prowess remained decisive, underlining his ability to shape the game’s outcome. His contributions established a foundation that ultimately led to a routine victory for the reigning champions.

Kovacic seamlessly integrated himself into the match, stepping in for the injured De Bruyne. Yet, the recurring concerns surrounding De Bruyne’s fitness are undoubtedly a genuine cause for worry for both Guardiola and City. Following his extended recovery period over the summer due to a severe hamstring injury suffered in the Champions League final against Inter Milan – an injury that saw him exit the match after just 36 minutes – De Bruyne’s downcast demeanor upon exiting the field was telling.

City will undoubtedly hope that De Bruyne’s injury, especially considering his pivotal role in setting up Haaland’s opening goal, isn’t severe. Meanwhile, the remainder of their inaugural Premier League night unfolded satisfactorily, raising optimism despite the initial signs of rust.

Premier League Opener: Burnley 0-3 Manchester City
Credit: PA


The resumption of Burnley’s journey in the PL posed an arduous challenge right from the start, as manager Vincent Kompany sought to orchestrate the downfall of the reigning Treble champions – the club where he etched his legacy as an iconic figure during their illustrious years, serving as an inspiring captain.

The outcome was solidified once City secured an early lead, yet Burnley’s resilience and tenacity remained evident, punctuating the match with moments of genuine threat. Lyle Foster and Zeki Amdouni managed to create anxious instances for Guardiola’s squad, showcasing Burnley’s determination.

Ultimately, Burnley’s resolve was unraveled by moments of defensive lapses, primarily underlined by the natural goal-scoring brilliance and predatory instincts of Haaland. The Clarets won’t be the sole victims of such fate this season, as Haaland’s prowess is expected to leave a lasting impact.

Remaining loyal to Kompany’s passing philosophy, which propelled them to a triumphant Championship victory the previous season, Burnley exhibited commendable adherence to their style. Trafford, who had notably excelled as the goalkeeping hero in England’s European Under-21 Championship victory in July, made an impressive debut against his former club.

Kompany’s squad received an early dose of the demands they’ll face in the ongoing season. While this loss was a demanding trial, it will undoubtedly offer valuable lessons. Even in defeat, there are promising takeaways for Burnley’s future endeavors.

A disheartening note was struck as some fans expressed their disapproval by booing during the pre-kickoff moment when players took the knee. Additionally, Burnley took swift action to address inappropriate behavior, promptly removing a fan from Turf Moor following an incident where City defender Rico Lewis was struck by an object.

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