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Rapper Gillie Da Kid killed aged 25 in triple shooting

Rapper Gillie Da Kid killed aged 25 in triple shootingRapper Gillie Da Kid killed aged 25 in triple shooting

Rapper Gillie Da Kid killed aged 25 in triple shooting

Tragic Loss: Son of Philadelphia Hip-Hop Icon Gillie da Kid Fatally Shot In a heart-wrenching incident on Thursday night, Devin Spady, popularly known as YNG Cheese and the son of well-known Philadelphia hip-hop artist and entertainment mogul Gillie da Kid, was fatally shot in the Olney section of Philadelphia. The devastating event has sparked grief among those who knew him and his father, and has reignited outrage over the city’s persistent gun violence crisis.

The shooting occurred around 8:30 p.m. on the 5800 block of North Mascher Street, where Devin Spady, 25 years old, was shot in the back. He was found unresponsive by officers who quickly rushed him to Einstein Medical Center. Despite their efforts, he tragically passed away shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Rapper Gillie Da Kid killed aged 25 in triple shooting
Rapper Gillie Da Kid killed aged 25 in triple shooting

In addition to Devin, two other individuals were also injured in the shooting. A 28-year-old man was shot twice in the leg and was taken to Einstein for treatment. A third victim, a 31-year-old who was shot in the hip, arrived at the hospital in a private car. Fortunately, both are in stable condition.

The incident appears to have started with a group of men engaging in a conversation on the corner of West Nedro Avenue and North Mascher Street. Suddenly, gunshots were heard, and chaos ensued as they all started running. Deputy Police Commissioner Frank Vanore stated that at least 10 shots were fired, but it’s unclear whether they originated from someone within the group or from a different location down the block.

As of now, the motive behind the shooting remains a mystery, and the authorities have not yet recovered the weapon or made any arrests in connection with the tragic event.

Devin Spady, also known as YNG Cheese, had aspirations of following in his father’s footsteps as a musician. The 25-year-old artist, residing in Wyncote just outside Philadelphia in Montgomery County, was a father himself, according to his social media posts.

Gillie da Kid, whose birth name is Nasir Fard, gained fame in the late ’90s as a founding member of the hip-hop group Major Figgas from the Erie Avenue section of North Philadelphia. Currently going by Gillie da King, he is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Gillie hosts the highly successful weekly podcast “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” alongside his cousin and social media influencer Wallo, also known as Wallace Peeples, who was also part of Major Figgas. The podcast has achieved remarkable success on Apple Podcasts, with each episode garnering an average of one million views.

The duo’s discussions on relationships, music, comedy, and Black life and culture have earned them a massive following. They’ve had notable guests, including Shaquille O’Neal, Michael B. Jordan, LL Cool J, Alicia Keys, and Kevin Hart. Additionally, they use their platform to provide candid advice to young Black men on overcoming societal obstacles and building successful lives, drawing from their own experiences growing up in North Philly.

The loss of Devin Spady has left a void in the hearts of many, and the community continues to mourn as they seek answers and solutions to the ongoing gun violence crisis plaguing the city.

Rapper Gillie Da Kid killed aged 25 in triple shooting
Rapper Gillie Da Kid killed aged 25 in triple shooting / credit – getty

“In the wake of a tragic incident that has shaken the community in Philadelphia, Wallo and Gillie’s unwavering efforts to guide young individuals away from the clutches of gun violence have come into focus. Despite their tireless work, fate dealt a cruel blow when Wallo’s own son fell victim to the same violence they have been fighting against. This heart-rending event serves as a somber reminder that life’s fairness is often elusive,” expressed Lenard McKelvey, known as Charlamagne tha God and the host of The Breakfast Club radio show.

The duo had been slated to guest host the renowned New York show alongside Charlamagne on Friday morning, but the tragic turn of events changed everything. “It’s devastating when parents have to lay their own children to rest,” Charlamagne emphasized.

As news of the incident spread, tributes for Spady and his family started pouring in on social media from media icons and the public alike. Wallo, expressing his grief in a heartfelt Instagram post, shared how much he loved Spady and promised to take care of his father.

Spady’s untimely death adds to the grim statistics of gun violence in Philadelphia, marking the 236th homicide recorded in the city this year as of Thursday, according to police data. Although this figure represents a 23% decrease compared to the previous year, it is still substantially higher than pre-2020 levels, when the gun violence crisis began to escalate.

Moreover, police data also reveals that 800 people have been shot but survived this year, showing a 22% drop from the previous year but remaining significantly elevated compared to the years prior to 2020.

The loss of young lives to gun violence continues to be a pressing issue, and the community’s efforts to address this crisis remain as crucial as ever.

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