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Robert Downey Jr To Return To Captain America 4 ?

There have been ongoing rumors surrounding Robert Downey Jr.’s potential return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with speculation pointing towards his appearance in the upcoming film ‘Captain America: Brave New World.’ These rumors gained traction, particularly after reports of his presence on set. Anthony Mackie, who shares the screen with Harrison Ford in the fourth installment of the Captain America series, has been filming for a considerable time, and fans can expect to see familiar characters from the franchise in the movie.

‘Captain America 4’ is poised to continue the superhero’s legacy. Although Chris Evans portrayed the role in the previous three films and throughout the MCU, his character retired in ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ The Disney+ series ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier,’ which starred Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, depicted how Sam Wilson (Mackie) rose to become Captain America. Reports suggest that RDJ was spotted on the set of ‘Captain America: Brave New World.’ Allegedly, author Nawar Shora shared glimpses from the film’s Washington, DC sets on his social media page. Alongside the photos, he also recounted a conversation he had with a security guard working on the project. Apparently, Downey was seen driving luxury cars near the White House. Excitement among fans escalated upon hearing the news that Iron Man might grace the big screen once again, although there has been no official confirmation as of yet.

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