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"Selena Gomez Discloses Her Top Birthday Wish as She Turns 31""Selena Gomez Discloses Her Top Birthday Wish as She Turns 31"
"On Instagram, she wrote, 'I keep getting asked what I want for my birthday, and my response remains the same for everyone.'"
publish - 07/22/2023

Selena Gomez Commemorates Her 31st Birthday in Style, Embracing Her Beauty Empire and Iconic Hair Status

Today marks Selena Gomez’s 31st birthday, and the multi-talented actress is reveling in her roles as a successful beauty founder, a renowned hair icon, and an all-around exceptional person.

To celebrate this special occasion, the star of “Only Murders in the Building” took to Instagram on Saturday, sharing a delightful snapshot. In the photo, Selena is seen blowing out the candles on a beautifully shaped cake designed in the form of her initial “S.” She looks radiant, donning a petal-pink top that perfectly matches her eyeshadow and lipstick. Complementing her ensemble, she wears an elegant double-strand pearl necklace and stylish oversized hoop earrings. However, what truly steals the show is Selena’s stunning head of glossy curls.

Having experimented with blonde shades earlier this year, Gomez has returned to her classic chocolate brown hair color. For her birthday festivities, she expertly styled her long tresses into luscious, party-ready waves, cascading gracefully down her back.

As Selena Gomez steps into another year of life, she continues to captivate us not only with her talents but also with her remarkable sense of style and genuine personality. Happy birthday to the ever-inspiring Selena!


"Selena Gomez Discloses Her Top Birthday Wish as She Turns 31"
“Selena Gomez Discloses Her Top Birthday Wish as She Turns 31” / credit – instagram , Selena Gomez

In her post’s caption, the founder of Rare Beauty took a moment to express her heartfelt gratitude for various aspects of her life this year. Among them, she emphasized her profound appreciation for the valuable work accomplished through the Rare Impact Fund, a charitable organization dedicated to providing people with essential access to mental health services and striving to break down the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

She began her note by acknowledging, “I am incredibly thankful for the abundant blessings in my life, and one of the most meaningful ones is the impactful work we’ve undertaken with the Rare Impact Fund, in partnership with @Rarebeauty.” She went on to explain, “Thanks to your unwavering support, we’ve been able to raise awareness and expand the availability of mental health services for young individuals. This is my true passion and purpose in life.”

Gomez further shared that many have been inquiring about her birthday wishes, to which she consistently responds by kindly requesting that they refrain from giving her gifts. Instead, she humbly asks anyone willing to make a gesture in honor of her birthday to consider making a contribution to the Rare Impact Fund. She added, “If you have the means to help, please consider donating and join us in making a real difference.” Alongside her message, she thoughtfully included a link to the donation page before expressing her affection, concluding with the words, “I extend my love and gratitude to all of you.”

"Selena Gomez Discloses Her Top Birthday Wish as She Turns 31"
“Selena Gomez Discloses Her Top Birthday Wish as She Turns 31” / getty images

Selena, undoubtedly, stands as a prominent champion for mental health awareness, courageously sharing her own struggles with bipolar disorder. In an open and candid conversation with Miley Cyrus on Instagram Live in April 2020, she fearlessly disclosed her diagnosis.

During the heartfelt exchange, Selena revealed, “I recently sought help at one of the world’s best mental health facilities… After years of grappling with various challenges, I came to the realization that I was dealing with bipolar disorder.” She further expressed that gaining this understanding was a transformative experience, as it empowered her rather than inducing fear. Selena elucidated, “Having more information about it actually helps me; it no longer intimidates me. Once I acknowledged my condition, I delved into learning everything about it, and that knowledge dispelled the apprehension.”

Her willingness to share her journey has not only contributed to breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health but also inspired countless individuals facing similar struggles. Selena’s advocacy and candidness have undoubtedly made a positive impact in the realm of mental health awareness.


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