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The Birth of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's Second ChildThe Birth of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's Second Child

The Birth of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s Second Child

Publish – 23 aug , 2023

Reportedly, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have joyfully embraced the birth of their second child as a couple.

The renowned pair, who commenced their relationship in 2020, recently welcomed an additional baby boy discreetly earlier this month, according to TMZ’s report on Monday (August 21). As outlined by the source, the newest member of their family was born on August 3rd in Los Angeles.

This marks the second occasion that Rihanna and Rocky have stepped into parenthood, having previously introduced their son, RZA Athelaston Meyers, to the world in May 2022. Speculation has arisen that the newest addition’s name also aligns with their penchant for the letter “R,” upholding a familiar trend.

Although the billionaire beauty mogul has yet to publicly address the arrival of her second child, it’s foreseeable that discovering the name of their youngest son might require some patience. This assumption is drawn from the fact that Rihanna and Rocky held off for nearly a year before unveiling the Wu-Tang Clan-inspired name of their first child, RZA.In her electrifying halftime show performance at the 2023 Super Bowl in February, Rihanna made a monumental announcement—she revealed her second pregnancy. The iconic “Diamonds” songstress graced the stage at Glendale, Arizona’s State Farm Stadium, adorned in a vivid red jumpsuit complemented by a scarlet bodysuit underneath. During her performance, she was observed tenderly caressing her abdomen, triggering speculation among numerous viewers about her impending motherhood. Subsequently, a spokesperson for the Fenty Beauty visionary officially confirmed her pregnancy.

The Birth of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's Second Child
Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The Birth of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s Second Child

Following closely on the heels of TMZ’s Monday report about Rihanna’s childbirth, insider sources authenticated the baby’s arrival to both People and Entertainment Tonight. One informant disclosed to ET on the same day that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky intend to savor the initial days of parenthood in private seclusion, opting to postpone any immediate endeavors to introduce their new bundle of joy to the public eye.

“Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are currently in a fantastic place,” revealed another insider. “Their enthusiasm to expand their family is palpable, and their unity in parenting is evident. Their relationship is brimming with joy, and their love for each other is unmistakable. While they already had a unique connection, embarking on the journey of parenthood together has further fortified their bond.”

A separate source chimed in, suggesting that the founder of Fenty Beauty might opt to introduce her newest addition through Instagram or at the annual Clara Lionel Foundation gala—a philanthropic endeavor she established in 2012 to support climate education and emergency readiness.

Rihanna embracing social media to unveil images of her newborn would be in harmony with her past actions, given that she provided fans with an initial glimpse of her son RZA on TikTok. Last December, the songstress behind “Umbrella” shared a heartwarming video featuring RZA in a car seat, playfully engaging with his mother’s phone. Accompanied by the caption “Hacked,” the endearing clip has now amassed over 30 million views.

However, later on, Rihanna disclosed that her decision to share the TikTok video of her son was prompted by a difficult situation—allegedly, paparazzi had taken unauthorized pictures of RZA.

“In that moment, my protective instincts kicked in instantly. There was hardly any room for anger; it was all about safeguarding,” Rihanna shared with British Vogue in their March 2023 issue, published in February. She continued, “As parents, the entire incident felt incredibly unsettling, almost violating.”

Elaborating on the events, Rihanna detailed how she and the rapper collaborated to strategize their approach towards potential leaks of their son’s photos to the media. “While we were conversing, we were aware of the wheels turning in the background, negotiations underway,” she recollected.

The Birth of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's Second Child

Prompted by their determination, the duo swiftly took action. They chose to share candid snapshots of RZA with the celebrity gossip blog, Hollywood Unlocked. Additionally, Rihanna herself joined the TikTok platform, where she uploaded the video that would soon go viral—a heartwarming clip featuring her baby boy cooing, grinning, and engaging playfully with his mother’s phone.

“It’s the exact scenario you hope to avoid,” Rihanna remarked, reflecting on the unsettling prospect of her son’s photos being shared without her consent. With the perspective of parents, she strongly believes in their prerogative to introduce their child on their own terms.

“As parents, we hold the authority to decide when and how we make that choice,” she affirmed. “That’s the bottom line.”

Looking back to May, Rihanna provided her fans with an update on the progress of her second pregnancy. Speaking with E! News on the Met Gala red carpet, she shared insights into the distinct nature of this pregnancy compared to her first. “Everything has been so different,” she explained. “From all aspects… no cravings, substantial nausea—everything has taken a different turn.” She added, “But, I’m embracing it. I’m truly embracing it. I feel well, I feel invigorated.”

Reflecting on her initial pregnancy, Rihanna disclosed that fatigue caught her off guard as one of the more surprising symptoms. In an interview with Extra during that time, she mentioned, “I’m feeling really wonderful – though at times, I experience fatigue on and off, which is something I’m not accustomed to.”

She humorously commented, “I can power through any late hour of the night, but now it’s like a mandate: ‘No, you need to sleep right now,'” highlighting the shifts that parenthood brings.

She also discussed how pregnancy has transformed her perception of her own body. “In the usual scenario, if my tummy appeared a bit larger on the red carpet, it would raise concerns,” she shared, followed by a light-hearted exclamation: “Absolutely! Crop tops are back in season! Embracing it all.”

Simultaneously, the star of “Ocean’s 8” disclosed that her son, who was six months old at the time, was in an adorable “cuddly stage” before stepping into the role of an elder sibling. Reflecting on this phase, Rihanna shared with People in November of last year, “He’s quite the character, always full of joy – and chubby! He’s exceptional. It’s currently a profoundly cuddly phase.”

Recently, the couple commemorated their son RZA’s first birthday. In May, the rapper shared a collection of candid snapshots capturing moments with Rihanna and RZA over the past year. The initial photo depicted the trio seated on a beach towel—Rihanna planting a kiss on her partner’s cheek, while their little one radiated joy towards the camera.

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