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The premiere of QB Bryce Young accentuates worries about the Panthers' offensive line.The premiere of QB Bryce Young accentuates worries about the Panthers' offensive line.

The premiere of QB Bryce Young accentuates worries about the Panthers’ offensive line.

Publish – 13 aug , 2023

Bryce Young made a concise appearance during the preseason, bringing into focus concerns about the Carolina Panthers’ offensive line, rather than shedding light on his potential.

The top overall draft pick engaged in 11 plays across three series in the team’s 27-0 loss to the New York Jets on Saturday. Young accomplished 4 out of 6 passes for 21 yards, encountered a single sack, and experienced a few other hits.

“Clearly, there were instances of heightened pressure,” noted Panthers head coach Frank Reich. “Bryce displayed accuracy and released the ball swiftly. We encountered challenges with unfavorable field positions, which we couldn’t surmount. On our second drive, we were pinned back considerably. These scenarios are beneficial, as we frequently discuss. We embrace testing ourselves in tough situations. Today, we encountered a couple of those moments. While we didn’t emerge victorious, they serve as valuable learning experiences.”

Despite facing pressure, Young exhibited composure within the pocket and remained unfazed. On his inaugural pass, he adeptly navigated through his progressions, connecting with Adam Thielen for an 8-yard gain on the opposite side – the sole first down in three drives for the team. Immediately after, the quarterback swiftly delivered a pass to D.J. Chark. All of Young’s completions were of a shorter nature or behind the line of scrimmage, with only one attempt directed downfield.

he faced challenges on third down, going 0-2 on his passing attempts. One pass to Chark soared high due to pressure, while Laviska Shenault Jr. went too deep on the other occasion. In the concluding third down, the quarterback was enveloped by the defense, resulting in a sack.

Commenting on absorbing hits from the Jets’ pass rush, he stated, “Taking hits is an inherent part of the game. Football is inherently physical. It’s an expected aspect of the role; you’re bound to get hit. It’s an integral facet of the game we embrace. Therefore, it’s a component of the position.”

The premiere of QB Bryce Young accentuates worries about the Panthers' offensive line.
Panthers’ QB Bryce Young (AP)

The premiere of QB Bryce Young accentuates worries about the Panthers’ offensive line.

He further elaborated, “I can’t allow that to impact my decision-making or overall approach. For me, it’s within the framework of the sport. It’s an occurrence, and my focus remains on the subsequent play, ensuring I execute each opportunity on the field.”

The rookie’s composure within the pocket and adept progression navigation are commendable attributes, although the brief duration of his appearance limits substantial takeaways. Nonetheless, his resilience was on display.

Reich acknowledged, “Clearly, that initial hit carried substantial force, didn’t it? I mean, that was quite an impactful initial hit. I approached him on the sideline, around the second quarter. I waited until the latter portion. I asked him, ‘How did that notable NFL introduction hit feel?’ He responded that he was untroubled by it, claiming he hardly felt the impact. So, who knows?”

The struggles encountered by the offensive line overshadowed Young’s debut. Despite featuring four starting players, Carolina failed to generate momentum in the running game, and the quarterback consistently confronted pressure. The right guard position, particularly until Austin Corbett returns from the physically unable to perform list, appears to be a glaring concern. During Young’s three drives, the Panthers rotated players in the right guard position, leading to Michael Jordan conceding the sack.

The Jets’ defensive line, which showcased its reserves, possesses considerable depth, rendering numerous offensive strategies ineffective this season.

Entering the NFL, Young faced inquiries concerning his slim physique. Although this wasn’t a drawback during his college career, and the Panthers’ staff has firmly dismissed apprehensions, the struggles of the offensive line in Saturday’s game may rekindle such concerns.

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