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Twitter's Headquarters Under Investigation for Alleged Permit ViolationsTwitter's Headquarters Under Investigation for Alleged Permit Violations

Twitter’s Headquarters Under Investigation for Alleged Permit Violations

Publish – 31 july,2023

San Francisco city officials have taken action by launching an investigation into a massive “X” sign recently installed atop the building formerly known as Twitter headquarters. The building, now owned by Elon Musk, is undergoing a rebranding process for the social media platform.

According to city regulations, any alteration of letters or symbols on buildings, including the addition of signs on rooftops, requires a permit for both design and safety reasons. The controversy arose when workers attempted to remove Twitter’s iconic bird logo from the building’s side without proper precautions in place to protect pedestrians in case of falling debris.

Twitter's Headquarters Under Investigation for Alleged Permit Violations


Twitter’s Headquarters Under Investigation for Alleged Permit Violations

Patrick Hannan, spokesperson for the Department of Building Inspection, emphasized that any changes to the building’s exterior must be consistent with its historic nature and securely attached, necessitating a permit for approval.

In response to the situation, city authorities are also reviewing the planning and approval process for the installation of this new logo. The investigation aims to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.

Elon Musk unveiled the new logo, which replaces Twitter’s well-known blue bird, as part of his transformation of the social media platform, which he acquired for $44 billion in the previous year. They has already been incorporated into the desktop version of Twitter.

Musk’s affinity for the letter “X” is no secret, as evidenced by his decision to rename this’s corporate entity to X Corp after the acquisition. Furthermore, one of his children bears a name composed of letters and symbols, with “X” being a prominent element.


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Online public records from the county’s Department of Building Inspection reveal an ongoing investigation into potential building code violations at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters on Market Street, which is under the ownership of Elon Musk’s X Corp. This investigation follows a lawsuit filed by six former Twitter employees on May 16 in a Delaware court. The lawsuit alleges that Musk’s “transition team” deliberately instructed employees to breach local and federal laws, including unsafe modifications to the office space.

According to the complaint, X Corp. directed employees to convert rooms in the headquarters into unauthorized “hotel rooms,” misrepresenting them as “temporary rest spaces” with minimal changes. One alarming instance mentioned in the lawsuit involved placing locks on these “hotel rooms” that did not comply with California’s fire suppression system requirements. When an employee raised concerns about these non-compliant locks, they were reportedly told that “compliant locks were too expensive” and were instructed to install cheaper, non-compliant locks, resulting in the employee’s decision to quit instead of violating safety codes.

The lawsuit also alleges that some senior employees faced discrimination based on age, gender, and sexual orientation when they were terminated, and that severance, back pay, and owed benefits were not provided by Musk-led Twitter.

Moreover, Musk and members of his transition team, including Boring Company executive Steve Davis, allegedly ordered employees in real estate management to drastically cut costs by $500 million. This cost-cutting drive reportedly included refusing to pay rent to landlords, even when facing risks of termination fees for certain leases.

In light of these developments, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has shown interest in inviting Twitter to move its headquarters to Miami. However, Twitter responded to CNBC’s inquiry with an automated response containing a poop emoji but no comment.

The Department of Building Inspection in San Francisco confirmed the complaint’s receipt and stated that they have yet to take further action, adding that they plan to contact building management for investigation purposes. As of now, no speculation is being made regarding potential enforcement actions.

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